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Gigi Hadid Launches 2020 Eye Shadow Trend From The Red Carpet

    Iron makeup increased glow with a light peach blush that raised her hanging lips, and long earrings covered with tufts of her blond hair. Gigi's allure that night transformed this make-up into a trend for 2020 evenings that ladies might start adopting for New Year's Eve. Bronze-metallic makeup will also be trendy this winter, according to Patrick, as it adopts light peach colors with a luster over eye shadow, and the adoption of a brown lip pencil with bronze. Star aesthetic expert Patrick Ta had launched a star branded cosmetics collection, including a set of body oils, lip polishes and products to add glow with a red carpet look and Instagram photos. "Monochrome" makeup is the most popular in cosmetic circles, which is a velvety makeup based on lip coloring after being dipped with creams. On the new blush, Patrick said it is infused with shea butter in a smooth and crushed manner to give a silky smooth texture like silk, while monochrome lip pens come in a pen tube with a new heart. Monochrome "monochrome" makeup is the art of matching shades that you apply to your eyes and lips, and it may mean the same blush as well, and may be particularly popular on the red carpet. "Monochrome Moment" makeup products from the new lip and cheeks mentioned above have been launched on celebrities this season, including Alessandra Ambrosio, Tea Mitchell and Priyanka Chopra. Golden makeup is not born this week. Seven weeks ago, Gigi appeared with golden makeup on eye shadows, but in a light, straight line executed by the make-up himself. Gigi also appeared a year ago with this makeup and with Patrick Ta's fingertips as well, but he did not become a trend at the time, and some described him as a bit brilliant.