Just read through the rest of what I've written, it makes no se

  • I am not great with EoC, therefore that I might not know everything about the action bar. You may either link an ability to an inventory space (this assists with falling logs and eating). If you want to RuneScape gold link an ability, visit the range/melee/magic tab in the interface and drag one of those battle skills to the action bar.As I mentioned in that last paragraph the only sellable familiars I know are Kyatt, Graahk and Lurker. Everything else might sell given a low enough cost but they will almost all be a substaintial loss. There just is not much in the way of genuinely useful familiars under the Yip/tort stage and that makes most pouches market at around half of their production cost or lower. In otherwords the best method to minimize loss is probably to not waste time collecting the materials for those which make gain and make the fast ones, using the time saved to then remake the loss.

    I understand this is not the sort of answer you're looking for and if a person knows some intricate method I'm oblivious of I invite them to place it. However from my experience with those levels it ended up being much more effective to just bite the multi-million cost instead of trying to scrape every bit of gp I could out of this affair.

    I would need to say Eagle kite simply because CLS stinks that much. Bandos is arguable - maul is better damage/time but CLS enables you to tank with a shield.

    In case Jad is the one thing you will ever use Eagle kite for, it's really not worth it. There are loads of benefits better than CLS. I would not be using it only for Jad, definitely for other things. I have a rapier, incidentally. That's why I was hoping to decide on the cls. If its not that far better than the usual rapier in regards to bossing I will get it after the protector.

    Hey guys - I understand there's a load of those sort of threads, so I used to answer them myself some time ago, but I honestly don't have a clue what is going on, what changes have happened, what is good/bad/nooby etc.. Just read through the rest of what I've written, it makes no sense. .

    I only purchased membership a couple of cheap OSRS gold days back, persuaded by a friend and the Mad May thing, and when I actually got on to a members globe I realised that I didn't have a clue what to do. Ever since that time I have done the mandatory farming runs, slayer assignments and clue scrolls - but today I'm really running out of stuff to do in the other three and a half months of this membership period.