It's a fun break from routine mining too.

  • If you've got 57 summoning, you can summon a soul kyatt, which teleports you very near the mining place south of OSRS gold the Piscatoris colony. But I don't know if it is quicker than Dorgeshuun powermining. And about the Stealing Creation points, you can can join a friendly SC Clan, where everyone just gathers resources. You receive more points as well as the matches only last about 10-12 minutes. It makes obtaining the points much faster.

    If you don't head world hopping, I would suggest that you mine the stars and join a"star locating" clan chat. The celebrities are awesome mining xp and are a one-stop-shop. Sadly, however, you will have virtually nothing to show for all your own experience. Wear a fully-charged glory and you're going to get a few gems along the way though... You'll make some cash from celebrities. You will get the 200k every 24hrs. Plus all the cosmic and astral runes from the sprite. It's greater than you get falling granite in the desert. Stars are a terrific utilization of SC picks. It is possible to get mad xp per tide.

    It's a fun break from routine mining too. It is possible to powermine for a while and then just watch for a wave when you're getting bored. It can definitely help break up the monotony that is powermining. If you would like something to show for your job, then you can superheat mith pubs in the mining guild. It cuts down on the bank running. I used to do 20 bars per excursion and then top off with irrigation to bank.

    I'd equip a fire team, inventory my selection and 20 nats. In the end I would have 20 bars and 7 coal to get a total of 5950xp. You also get some magical xp. It is not nearly as fast xp and it is not the best gp/hour, but it is a nice shift that really does give some benefit in various areas.

    A friend and I wish to start doing this, and we've heard of bolting in which you have 2400 chaos runes, a team of air, and Old School RuneScape Gold equipment that gives you -65 magic attack so that you may afk auto-bolt each other to find EP up without killing. We're wondering whether it's possible to utilize strike spells with mind runes rather, in order to save cash. Additionally, I've heard varying things concerning how to perform the trick. If you could inform me which of these is the correct method it'd be appreciated (this is really for P2P).