I dont try to cheat because it doesnt work, and I forfeit.

  • This is my preferred training place, and is only effective if you're able to manage guthans. Coaching here allows you to RS gold weild a salve ammy, which gives +15% strength and attack when killing the undead. It is a long hike from the bank, therefore guthans is essential - if you can not afford it, don't worry abotu training here. Its slightly faster than pest management, and even faster if you utilize super pots. Maybe 7-8 weeks .

    - Bandits. Bandits auto-attack you as long as you put on a sara/zammy thing, including a cape that's easily attainable. That means you can basically find a place here and leave your personal computer, and the bandits will only always respawn and attack you. Though thats against Jagex' rules:-LRB-. Again guthans is useful, however not essential. You can bring noticed food (such as salmon, sardines, lobsters) and money with you, and promote the food that is mentioned to the nearby general store, and then buy it back unnoted. It earns you around 40k approximately xp an hour, and would take maybe 10-12 weeks, although it will be simple.

    I adore the concept of trophies in your property, and I'm now attempting to get a Bass decoration. My questions are: 1. How much time does it take to fish up the bass necessary for the trophy? 2. Does it look different? 3. Do you need to cook it to mount this up? I believe that the opportunity to receive it will differ between people. It took me 4 levels to get a major shark to mount, even though I can't mount it with my own structure level. It will most probably be referred to as a big bass, and can be noticeably different from any others you may get. No, you have to bring it to the taxidermist at Canifis and they'll mount it, and then you can place this up in your decoration hall.

    Ok I got the base of the sceptre and that I got the right skull from the minotaurs now All I want is the other bottom of the sceptre and the left creature . . .But then I need to fight ankous...I really don't think I'm good enough to combat ankous....Heres what I will be wearing: no image, Rune Total Helm, Rune Platebody, Rune plateskirt, And the food Im using are: Lobbies. So... Those are my stats because I want to kill a couple of ankous I really don't know if I'll endure to get my left skull . Thanks For Answereing!The ANY is CAPITALIZED as it is cheat means try to click one option at the LAST SECOND trusting your opponent won't see it. Dishonor can be quite complicated, soemthing like: When you're obeying something which you and ur competition shared but not enforced and you go against that rule. Attempting to escape. . .um allow me to guess, teleporting or sticking out. For dishonoring, heres what we do: I dont wait like 2 minutes to test all the possiblities of shedding before I accept a duel --these poeple are bothersome (no offense) When it happens to me that the other person has less armor or less cb lvl than me, I MIGHT remove my armor. I dont use shielding prayer, I dont try to OSRS Gold For Sale cheat because it doesnt work, and I forfeit.