In addition to madden 21, a bunch of old sports games are facin

  • Electronic Arts will remove some sports games from the EA Play service in April and May, including Madden, NHL, FIFA and NBA champions.

    The EA Play subscription service gives fans immediate access to dozens of games published by EA, including many of the company's sports events. In fact, sports games are an important part of the EA Play library, so one of the main reasons people sign up for EA Play is to play sports games. Unfortunately, for sports fans, EA Play plans to delete 7 games later this month, and more games will be deleted in May. In madden 21, MUT Coins can save you from being eliminated.

    On April 16, EA Play will remove Madden NFL 15, 16, 17, 18 and 25, as well as NHL 18 and NHL 19 from the EA Play safe. Ok. On May 6, FIFA 15, FIFA 16, FIFA 17, and FIFA 18 will be deleted. Then on May 6, NBA Live 18 will also be launched. EA did not provide any explanation as to why these games were removed from EA Play, but it may be related to the expiration of the music license or similar circumstances.

    It is worth noting that this will also hit Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can also access all games in EA Play and the library, so when a game is deleted from EA Play, it also means that the game will be deleted from the Xbox Game Pass program. On the other hand, the games added to EA Play also encouraged the development of Cheap MUT 21 Coins.

    Many new games should be added to EA Play Services later in 2021. Madden NFL 21 has been used in EA Play, and in the next few months, FIFA 21 and NHL 21 will be added. EA hasn't made any new NBA games in the past few years, but NBA Play 19 is still available for EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

    Of course, in addition to sports games, EA Play has many other features. In fact, every game released by EA will eventually enter EA Play, and unlike sports games, they do not risk being deleted.