Star Wars: Old Republic Life Day event adds snowball fights and

  • The Day of Life event is back in "Star Wars: The Old Republic", where players can participate in snowball fights and get rewards like sleigh rides.

    "Star Wars: The Ultimate Republic"’s Day of Life event is still continuing, because the game’s December event continues, bringing snowball fights, warm Wookiee hugs and more. Active month in "Star Wars": The "Old Republic" began with the pirate invasion on December 1 and lasted until December 8. Dantooine was the focus of the incident, and the Nova Blade pirates used this as a means to attack the imperial army in the area. When the Republic tried to defend its world, conflict ensued. Like any event, the rewards that participants can get include mounts such as mounts or armor sets based on Nova Blade Pirates.

    The anniversary event started on December 15th, and until January 5th, 2021, players can use a special anniversary provider that will receive rewards from new events and previous anniversary events. In addition to rewards and sellers, Coruscant and Dromund Kaas fort houses will also be available for purchase, each requiring only 9 SWTOR Gold. This is a bargain compared to the usual price of the Fortress of the Old Republic.

    Of course, the focus of this month’s event is the Day of Life celebration, because in the Star Wars MMO, the cosmic holiday has become an annual tradition for a year. "Star Wars: The Old Republic" published a timetable on its official website, which lists ongoing and upcoming events, as well as the rewards they provide. Life Day starts on December 15 and lasts until January 5, 2021. Most of the activities include throwing snowballs at NPCs or other players to complete tasks and get rewards. Of course, in addition to the snowball madness, there are also Wookiee revellers celebrating the "Day of Life", who provide "Wookiee hugs" for everyone.

    Players can also participate in Rakghoul Resurgence by Buy SWTOR Credits. The event will also be held annually with the holiday celebrations that SWTOR players are used to. Rakghoul Resurgence usually focuses more on plague-themed content, which contains reputation and the potential for rewards for specific events. After that, the Pirate Invasion and Ultimate Assault Rally will end the December event.