Major update of NBA 2K21 is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Se

  • In my book, the next generation of NBA 2K21 is already a candidate for "Game of the Year", but it seems to be undergoing a major update. NBA 2K21 MT aims to enhance the already excellent visual effects.

    According to Erick Boenisch, the executive producer of the game, the development of current and next-generation NBA 2K21 has been affected by the pandemic. One of the biggest problems they encountered was getting players' participation rights, because 2B did not allow restarts within Bubble.

    In other words, Boenisch said in the video below that the 2K team has scanned more than 40 players who should be added to the game and plans to release an update soon.

    I tried to get a list of players, but it is currently unavailable. However, someone told me that 2K had to be very creative in adding as many scans as possible-even taking their camera to the player's house and city to complete the process.

    In the past few years, the transparency of communication between developers and executive producers has been so high. This is a refreshing change. To be honest, the opening of Buy NBA 2K21 MT to the community may be related to the overall quality of the next-generation product, which is a master introduction to the new console.

    We will continue to look for the next update and will provide details as soon as possible.