I almost have a feeling they will change that

  • I would really like to be shooting 40% but I am blessed if I can hit 20%. I just play offline. I know we have scrub players right now, and I am a below average player but seriously even layups which are in the middle of  the meter aren't going in. I do not even dare to try out a jump shooter. The AI seems to be absurd levels as well. I understand they wish to reward skill in NBA 2K21 MT 2k21 but this type of material will really put off casual gamers and people new the 2K franchise and brand new to basketball games.

    I have been enjoying since 2K13 but I have never been that great of a player. My starter players've never played with this bad at 2k16,17,18,19 and 20. I've got a 75 3 pointer, I believe I greened one shot like 5 nba games. . .

    The only other 2K I played 2K20 was 2K13 and which was on PC. I improved a hell of a lot in 2K20 to the point where I could go as high as Superstar without using STS. However, this is a completely different level using a very different mechanic. I did fine in the demonstration and at the quickgames with the brand new shooting meter but can't hit the side of a barn here.Genuinely shooting 2/16 within an offline triple hazard game on just layups and 1 open jumpshot which airballed on slightly early.

    Yeah, I almost have a feeling they will change that. 2k might realize if largely everyone does not have expert dribble moves that the game will look and feel exceptionally slow.That slashing playmaker is your one! I made mine to get lock takeover instead, but I'm trapped between that and slashing because I love to play defense.I created a 6'9 one which gets 22/1/13/22. I had been going for a Shawn Kemp type of player and I believe I got what I had been going for.

    That's a really good build

    Definitely got what you're going for. Its a mad fun construct too. I picked for 10 playmaking badges now around so I might put a lil more stats in shield since I made my man shorter, but made one just like yours in 20 plus it might do everything and catch bodies with the finest of em.That's what I've been using and I was sad when I saw that yellow/red no longer has contact dunks. I'm rocking a 2 way finisher red/blue.

    I am having a lot of fun on this build too so far really happy I made it have not brought it into the park yet but after I am badged up etc it will be insane.My badge disperse is 1/21/21/10 had to make sure I had a Buy 2K21 MT good amount of def badges for my lack of height.I made blake griffin build from when he had been leaping on cars and whatnot.