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  • Then there the whole awkwardness of The Buy wow classic gold cheap Hunt and how the Primaris Marines would get whiplash from the occasional "switchback" re deployments when the Unforgiven get a lead on a Fallen. Now, I sure that lorewise, the Primaris Marines would be 100% loyal to the Chapter in which they been inserted. But if the Techmarines are kind of excluded from certain things because of their split loyalty between Chapter and Mars, I can help but wonder if some Unforgiven Chapters would have the same concerns about the Primaris Marines as well.

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    This would work because, after playing the champ a couple times today, I felt like, whenever I popped ult, I got CC locked and slaughtered. So, this would force your enemies to either run from you, juke your Q or lock you down. It would reward accuracy for Aatrox, and most likely still prevent guaranteed turret dives that they wanted to stop with this re rework.

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