Animal Crossing player turns her island into Jurassic Park

  • More and more players in Animal Crossing are converting their islands into amusement parks. This Jurassic Park-style island is likely to be one of the most impressive creations to date.
    If you play Animal Crossing yourself, you know how difficult and time-consuming it is to adapt your own island to your exact ideas with Animal Crossing items. Although it is possible in the latest offshoot of the series to change the landscape itself, this does not happen with a simple push of a button. All the more impressive is the island of Reddit user Rayiya, who has built an entire Jurassic Park.

    Animal Crossing meets Jurassic Park
    The attention to detail in the creation immediately catches the eye. Rayiya's avatar is a cute little John Hammond who shows us his park. We walk through the iconic gate, see the logo on the floor and admire the giants of primeval times. Even the island music is part of the original soundtrack. Only less blood, torn off body parts and dinosaur snot can be seen.

    There is one downer: Unfortunately there are no real dinosaurs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (yet?). Rayiya therefore made do with fossils. For new players: You can only place fossils on your island if you have already given a copy to the museum. Then you can sell them or use them as an exhibit in the fresh air.

    The community in the Animal Crossing subreddit is still enthusiastic about the fan creation. "This is one of the coolest designs I've ever seen. That motivates me to rebuild my whole island and design something similar," writes user vikkolli, for example. "This is probably one of the best islands ever," says DaCheezBBoss.

    What's new in Animal Crossing
    Since yesterday there are some new heart-shaped items for Valentine's Day. Today the big carnival event continues. This brings a feather search game and new animations. Last but not least, some new ACNH DIY recipes, sea creatures, bugs have found their way to your islands. You can see a summary again in the official trailer.