Madden NFL 21 Defending: General Tips for Defense

  • Playing with the right measure is very important defensively in Madden NFL 21 and can help you win games without spending MUT 21 Coins. Only with blitzing, you won't get far, but this also applies to a constantly passive coverage, only for safety. Instead, the defensive play-calling should go in one direction, sometimes in the other direction - adapted to the situation (i.e. down, distance and position on the field).

    Keyword Blitzing: Simply flashing blind on it is not recommended. Rather, one should try to hide one's flashes. So, for example, flash from formations with two initially low-positioned safeties or suddenly let a flash play from a line-up that has already been offered several times.

    Uncertainty about the formation in Madden 21? A solid starting play for different situations is 2-man-under, so two deep safeties in combination with five players in man coverage before. It offers a good mix of aggressiveness without getting too overbearing and can work against different offenses.

    Don't be afraid of the QB spy: "Quarterback Spy" is a player who is hired for a play to be exclusively responsible for the quarterback. This player remains constantly fixated on the quarterback and reacts accordingly. That's especially helpful when you're dealing with a team whose quarterback likes to get his feet in. If the quarterback doesn't run and throws instead, a QB spy in most Madden formations is simply another "free" underneath defender.

    The designations for the personnel on the court: Base means four defensive backs, Nickel means five defensive backs and Dime six defensive backs. As a rule of thumb, it can be noted that the number of defensive backs should correspond to the number of receivers on the pitch. This is not universally correct, but it serves as a good orientation.