One of those yearly traditions is EA Sports' Madden NFL franchi

  • One of those yearly traditions is EA Sports' Madden NFL franchise running a simulation of this game and this year, they're forecasting a replica for Patrick Mahomes along with the Kansas City Chiefs. In the game's official simulation of the year's matchup between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs, Madden gets got the Chiefs winning 37-27 to Madden 21 coins take their second successive Lombardi Trophy.

    In the simulation, Mahomes gets the go ahead touchdown with his thighs on a 12-yard fourth quarter scramble to put K.C. on top 34-27.

    If the Chiefs were to triumph, it would be the second successive year in which Madden's forecast was correct as last year's simulation had the Chiefs topping the San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl LIV in Miami.

    We wait to find out if EA Sports' official forecast is right. Last weekend, the NFL took a sudden virus-inspired twist: a game played at the real world was played within Madden 21 on Xbox.

    To be clear, this wasn't exactly a significant game. In reality, it is not even technically a part of the suitable league year. Butnevertheless, a yearly NFL basic match-up was performed within a video game -- and buy Madden nfl 21 coins the outcomes were a great deal of dumb fun.